Lifestyle Benefits
Lifestyle Benefits, Discounts and Savings

In addition to access to the most advanced telemedicine platform and health care services, discounts and savings, WebDocsNetwork also offers the most comprehensive lifestyle benefits, services, discounts and savings in the nation. We can provide hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings for individuals, employers and employees.

Health Wealth Connection

Resources and information to help you manage your health and personal finances. Whether you're trying to lose weight, relieve stress or depression, or reduce your credit card debt, Health Wealth Connection will help you reach your goals. It's like having a health coach, financial planner, nutritionist and counselor all in one place.

  • Wellness resource for managing health and finances
  • Tips on health, money and managing stress from Suze Orman, Deepak Chopra, Geneen Roth, Dr. Mark Hyman and more

Health Wealth Connection Overview Video

Wellness Program

If you've been wanting to make healthy changes in your life but didn't quite know how? We give you access to an effective solution. With your membership, you now have access to MHC's Wellness Program's pro-active well-being approach that will empower you to make changes to improve your overall health. Your health educator will guide you to make long-term healthy changes by building self-efficacy and skills you can use for a lifetime!

Health Information Library
  • Access educational materials on nutrition, exercise, personal health and well-being, disease prevention, organizational strategies, motivation, and more.
Coach Selected Library
  • Your coach will select materials that will empower you with information specific to your goals and need.
  • You and your coach can create and set goals and activities as well as identify motivation and track completion. This health care option gives you a way to log challenges or successes that your coach can then monitor in order to best support health and wellness progress.
  • The Trackers will help you trace your progress toward each wellness goal achievement. Here you can log your exercise as well as food intake. Trackers also have a customizing feature enabling the opportunity to track individualized goals.
  • This tool will help you identify issues, strengths, and progress in your health and wellness.
Multimedia Center
  • Educational, motivational, and training resources use streaming video, audio, and more to empower you with the health and wellness information you need to make changes you want.
Support Service Links
  • This reference area helps members with health provider issues, financial assistance questions, clinical support services, and more.

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CashBack Rewards Mall

Don't settle for full price! CashBack Rewards Mall makes shopping easy, rewarding and fun. Earn cash back on purchases made through a convenient online mall and save up to 80% on thousands of deals, promo codes and free shipping offers.

Cash Rewards

Our Cash Rewards Program is a free program designed to help you save and pay for your health care and lifestyle expenses simply by providing cash rewards for your everyday purchases made through our network of merchants.

All on-line purchases made through the cash back program will be tracked and a portion of the purchase amount is eligible to transfer to your checking account or PayPal once you accumulate a minimum of $15.

" We all know a variety of ways to make a living. What's even more fascinating is figuring out ways to make a fortune. "

Jim Rohn

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